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The Voices in Our Head

We all talk to ourselves. Period. In fact, the way we think is often in conversation with ourselves or the people we think about. It is a concept that arises in various domains, emphasizing the importance of paying attention to our thoughts and thought processes. While changing physical habits, such as flossing or exercising, can be measured through tangible behaviors, measuring mental habits or changes in our thinking is more complex. The answer to measuring mental habits and changes in thinking lies in observing our behavior and the outcomes of our actions. Often, when we change our behavior, it forces…(read more)

The Terrifying Implications of Agape (love)

Agape is perhaps the most commonly known Greek word among Christians today, and rightfully so. Many sermons and devotionals have been written on the subject, and it jumps off the pages of the New Testament. Central to the Gospel is the call to love others, expressed in various ways. Understanding these commands and teachings on love requires grasping the word family to which agape belongs. Most Christians are familiar with two other related Greek words: phileo and eros. Phileo pertains to affection and friendly attachments. For instance, Philadelphia is known as the city of brotherly love because its name is…(read more)

Be The Devil

Those who know me know that Jesus’ teaching to be “shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves” (Matthew 10:16) is one of my favorites. It’s been tattooed on my body twice now. I was a teenager when it first started resonating with me, and I don’t think I fully understood why it has stuck with me since then until recently. Today, when understood in its context, it is a bit controversial because we aren’t aware of how we get it wrong. We’ll come back to that after a little etymology. The NASB uses “wary” while the KJV goes with “wise”…(read more)